Cooper is a young male hound who went to a home in England with Ernie who is also a hound. At first Cooper would just sit on the kitchen floor while Ernie hogged the sofa. Tonight he has joined us all in the lounge on the sofa for the first time. He is still a little unsure around the home and really doesn’t like the TV. He doesn’t seem interested in the garden at the moment, although loves going walking in the woods, tail up and wagging with nose to the ground, scent marking everything he can. We are keeping him on a long lead at the moment and working on his recall. Hopefully in time he will be able to join Ernie off lead.


is one of a litter of unwanted collie pups who were brought into our rescue centre in July 2012. Luckily for Misty, one of our volunteers had relatives on holiday from England who fell in love with her and decided to adopt her. She has settled into her new home in Gloucestershire very well and loves playing with Daisy, who also came from Ireland. This photo of Misty(right) and Daisy (left) was taken by a professional photographer who was doing a pet photoshoot at the garden centre where their owner works.


went to his owners in January 2012 and his owners say “We got this lovely cat in January last year. He was called Magoo when we got him, but Puss stuck in the end! He loves the car, he will sit by the back window watching the wipers or sleep on the passenger seat. We have taken him camping and out for walks and he loves the attention, he has even been to Father Teds house! Everyone loves him and we think he is fab! Thanks!”


We met Keith at a fundraising stall at the Celtic Ross Hotel and he told us about Barney. “My wife and I were fortunate enough to welcome into our lives, a puppy, “Barney” on 15th September 2001, rehomed from you.
He brought us much joy, happiness, and indeed, excercise. The love and respect was mutual. Sadly Barney passed away after a short illness on July 27th this year. My wife passed away 6 years ago to the day, so Barney was a great source of comfort and my soul mate these past years. Barney had a great life and I am priveliged to have been a part of it.”