Sponsor A Dog

Sometimes dog lovers are not in a position to actually adopt a dog. You might not be able to offer the commitment that a dog needs, may live in accommodation which is not suitable for a canine companion or maybe you already have dogs and cannot add to your four-legged family! If you are such a person, you could still help one of our very needy dogs by sponsoring them. The following dogs have been rescued by us but for either medical or behavioural reasons cannot be rehomed.

It costs €50 a year to sponsor a dog, that’s less than €1 per week. You will receive a colour brochure about your sponsor dog and regular newsletters and of course you are very welcome to visit your sponsor dog.

Why not sponsor a dog as a birthday or Christmas present for a friend or relative and make a real difference to these dogs. We will send the recipient a colour brochure about their dog, a christmas or birthday card from their dog and a current newsletter. A dog can be sponsored as a present for any amount from €20.

Payments can be made by

  • Credit card using the Donate button below
  • Cheques should be made payable to West Cork Animal Welfare Group and posted to West Cork Animal Welfare Group, P.O. Box 4, Clonakilty, Co. Cork
  • Standing order. Print and fill in the standing order form which should then be taken to your bank. Standing Order Mandate


Don’t forget to email or write to us and let us know which dog you are sponsoring so we can send you a sponsor pack.

Josie & Joe

Josie & Joe were surrendered in 2013 after they had fulfilled their usefulness as breeding dogs.

Although they had never been socialised with other dogs they learnt to live in harmony with their kennel mates and are devoted to each other.

Being nervous dogs who need to stay together has made their chances of finding a forever home very slim.


Coco is a Cocker Spaniel who came to us in 2009 with serious behavioural issues.

We hoped to break this cycle of jealous and possessive behaviour but each time Coco went on trial to a home the unpredictable behaviour arose so we decided to keep Coco as a sponsor dog.

After 7 years at the rescue centre in Autumn 2017, Coco went to a foster home with a very experienced dog owner. He seems to be settling into home life well with his new canine companions.


Layla is a 9 year old Collie x Springer Spaniel who received severe spinal injury and paralysis of her rear legs during a car accident in Spring 2010.

Her owner contacted us as she could no longer cope with Layla but was desperate that this gentle natured dog should not be put to sleep. Veterinary advice was that even with expensive surgery there were no guarantees that Layla would ever walk again.

After a difficult year during which one of her rear legs was amputated, Layla is now mobile once again with a specially fitted out trolley and living contentedly with her foster carer.


Scamp is a 17 year old King Charles Spaniel who suffered severe abuse as a young puppy. He was seen at 6 months old in a park being used as a football by a group of teenagers.

As a result of being so badly abused from a very young age, Scamp is very afraid of people and displays fear aggression. With the help of Liz Mahony an animal behaviourist he has become more trusting with people he knows but is still unpredictable with strangers and despite his adorable looks will never be able to be rehomed.

Scamp was brought to us in August 2003 and has lived since then in a home with experienced foster carers and their dogs.