Dogs looking for a new home

If you would like to offer one of the following dogs a home please read our adoption process page, then contact us for more information or to arrange a visit on 086 8500131 or 086 3862714. Viewing at our rescue centre is by appointment only.


Bolt is a 9 year old male, neutered Husky. Bolt is a good natured dog but he will need an experienced Husky owner familiar with the breeds personality and behaviours. He can be a little unsure and wary of new people but is very happy to socialize and go on…Read More →


Mack is a young male collie approx. 18 months old. He is a very high energy dog who will need a bit of training. He will need a very secure garden as his collie herding instincts are strong and he will chase livestock and cars. He will be too boisterous…Read More →


Poppy, a 4 year old Labrador x Collie, is looking for a new home with experienced owners. Although she’s had a loving, encouraging home since puppyhood, Poppy has always been inexplicably wary and defensive with strangers. This wariness has escalated to full-on reactivity over the years and, because hers was…Read More →


Loki is a young male Lab mix approx. 8 months old. Loki has a very shy nature and will need a very experienced owner. We are looking for a home with another good natured playful dog as a must as Loki loves other dogs and will only build his confidence…Read More →

Amber and Ruby

Amber and Ruby are two 8 year old sisters looking for a retirement home. They have been together always and so we are hoping to find them a home together. Please read through our rehoming process on our website and contact the rescue for further info on these two beautiful…Read More →


Scampy is approx. 6 years old. Our Scampy has been with us a while due to behavioural issues but we feel a home with an experienced dog owner is out out there for him. We are all very fond of Scampy here in the kennels as he has bags of…Read More →


Mini is a female Jrt approx. 18 months old. She is a friendly little girl who will fit into any family home. She can be a little bossy with other dogs but generally gets along with them fine.


Gracie is a little female 7 month old Scruffy Terrier. She is a very high energy dog and will need all the basic training. She is very boisterous with other dogs and may be a little too hyper for very young children. She will suit an active home where someone…Read More →


Charlie is a 3 year old male collie.  He is a very friendly boy, loves people and other female dogs.  He would be best suited to an active family without young children as he is very energetic and bouncy.  If you are interested in finding out more about Charlie please…Read More →


Rona is a young hound approx. 2/3 years old. She is a very quiet, gentle soul who is very shy meeting new people in the beginning. She gets along very well with other dogs. She will need a calm quiet home away from any built up area, we are looking…Read More →

Dogs needing homes that are not at our rescue centre

Due to a lack of space at our kennels, the dogs listed below are either with the people who found them or with their owners who are looking to re-home them. For more information about the following dogs or to make arrangements to see them, please phone or email the contact listed against each dog. Please note that as these animals are not in the direct care of WCAWG the responsibility for rehoming and back up resides with the person rehoming them.


Bella is a two year old, jet black German Shepherd. She is looking for a new home because a change in circumstances means her owner can no longer consistently meet Bella’s needs for activity and stimulation.  Previous experience with shepherds or other guarding breeds is essential because Bella is 100%…Read More →


Holly is a big beautiful girl and a huge fan of having lots of fun. She was born 2012 but has the joyous enthusiasm of a six-month old pup. She is very human focused and just looves to be doing stuff and her new home must offer her a busy,…Read More →