Adopt a Dog


If you would like to offer one of the following dogs a home, please read through our adoption process page before proceeding. Please read thoroughly through the dogs description before applying.

The dogs at our rescue centre are with us because they have been found on the streets, or their previous homes have not worked out. Most of the dogs are well balanced, well adjusted dogs that are with us through no fault of their own and will make excellent pets for first time dog owners. A small number of dogs have issues, which with training, patience, and love, can be easily managed or resolved by owners who have previous experience with dogs, and are willing to work with us and qualified trainers and behaviourists.

We make every effort to ensure that all our dogs go to caring homes that are suited to their individual needs and temperaments. We have general requirements, however we take into consideration any potential home, and we are happy to work with and advise new owners to plan the best and safest set up for their new dog.

Below is a list of some of the things that we always look for when we rehome a dog, unless otherwise specified in the dogs description. Please make sure you fulfil the following requirements before you contact us. Our main interest is to find as suitable a home as possible for each individual dog. Our points to be taken into consideration are as follows;

  • The dog will be allowed in the house. We do NOT re-home dogs that will be outside all of the time. We prefer the dog to sleep in the house at night.
  • We never rehome dogs to guard premises or for breeding.
  • We do not home dogs to people with extremely long leaving hours without alternative arrangements e.g. dog walkers or doggie daycare. Puppies especially need lots of socialising time.
  • You have a secure fenced or walled garden so the dog cannot get out if you live on or near a road or in a town.
  • You have permission from your landlord if you live in rented accommodation.
  • You have sufficient time to give the dog adequate exercise and mental stimulation.

If you fulfil the above requirements, have a look below at the dogs and puppies needing homes. Viewing the dogs at our rescue centre is by appointment only, Monday to Saturday 11am – 3pm. You can make an appointment by email, after filling out the adoption questionnaire.



Edie is a young 18-month-old Whippet x Collie, she is medium in height but very slender and petite. She is nimble, gentle, affectionate and great fun – a gorgeous addition to any home.   Edie is very gentle and loves cuddles! She is also very alert and loves to follow…Read More →


Arwen is an absolutely stunning 2 year old medium sized Lurcher/Shepherd mix Arwen is an incredibly sweet girl that really adores a good cuddle She loves to go for adventures and walks very well on lead. Arwen is quite an energetic girl so will need plenty of walking Arwen gets…Read More →

Chipmunk – RESERVED

Chipmunk is a 8month old very small sized,  Patterdale mix Chipmunk is full of mischief and always looking for something to do After spending a week in foster care, Chipmunk has become a really social little girl. She would love a home with another dog, and someone around to give…Read More →


Pip is a 2 year old Collie Pip is a very active boy, and would thrive doing dog sports such as agility and long walks and hike Pip will need a country home with a safe and secure garden Pip may be a bit too high energy for older more…Read More →


Shadow is a 1 year old hound Although Shadow is a big boy, he just adores attention and wants to be as close to you as he can get Shadow walks on lead but being a young dog, he is still quite strong. With time and training this can be…Read More →


Thor is an utterly beautiful 2-year-old hound mix Thor is highly affectionate and just wants to be with you at all times. Thor is super playful, and loves his toys Although Thor is incredibly sweet, he can be a bit nervous and stressed to begin with, but it doesn’t take…Read More →


*Experienced homes only* Buster is a handsome 6 month old Rottweiler/German Shepherd mix Buster loves to play, his favorite games are Fetch and Tug of war He gets along extremely well with other dogs, and would do well with a confident dog in a home. Buster will be a large…Read More →


Louie is a magnificent 6-year-old long-haired German Shepherd. Louie is extremely affectionate and a very sweet dog He gets along well with other dogs Louie loves to go for walks, and walks really well on lead. Louie still loves to play and loves chasing after his toys. Louie has had…Read More →


Jet is an adorable 6 month old Lurcher After having a front leg amputated due to an injury, Jet is ready to find a loving, new  home. Jet is full of love and mischief. He loves to play and chase a ball Jet loves his walks, and walks well on…Read More →


Bobby is a handsome 3 year old Collie Bobby is a very sweet boy He loves to go for walks, and walks very well on lead. Bobby gets along well with other dogs, but an extremely bouncy and energetic dog may be too much for him Bobby is looking for…Read More →


Zak is an 11 week old German Shepherd mix Zak is a very sweet little puppy that has a lot of love to give As Zak is still very young, he will need a lot of training and time in his new home Please be aware that Zak will grow…Read More →


Piper is a 1 year old medium-sized Terrier mix Piper is extremely affectionate and loves a good snuggle She’s super energetic so will need an active family, that have time to take her for nice long walks and play sessions Piper gets along well with other dogs, and does enjoy…Read More →


Lucy is an 18month old Lurcher Lucy is incredibly sweet and affectionate Lucy gets along extremely well with other dogs and enjoys having a game of tug of war She loves toys, and loves to chase a ball Lucy adores her walks, and walks very very well on lead Lucy…Read More →


PomPom is a 2 year old Maltese/Bichon She is very sweet and full of love Pompom loves to run and play, she loves her toys She gets along well with other dogs, but a larger bouncier dog may scare her Pompom will need to be groomed regularly, so her new…Read More →


Suzie is a 6-year-old, Shih Tzu mix This girl is super sweet and just want to be with you all the time She adores going for walks, and although strong and excited at first, She walk very well on lead Suzie is full of life and will make an amazing…Read More →


Polly is a mid aged hound She is extremely affectionate and cuddly Polly loves her walks and walks well on lead, but can be a little strong to begin with Polly is still super playful and loves to play with her toys Polly gets along really well with other dogs…Read More →


Seb is a handsome 1 year old Merle Collie Seb is absolutely beautiful and super sweet and affectionate He loves to play and is super energetic Seb gets along really well with other dogs, but he may be a bit too much for a much older dog He walks well…Read More →


Chino is an 18month old Jack Russel/Chihuahua mix Chino is a very happy boy, and loves attention He walks very well on lead, and adores going for walks Chino would do best as the only dog in a home, so all attention is on him Chino cannot be homed with…Read More →

Benny and Millie

Millie is a 10 year old Yorkie Benny is a 9 year old Shih Tzu Millie and Benny are super sweet little dogs They are looking for a home where they can be around their owners all the time They are real little cuddle bugs, and would love nothing more…Read More →


Mia is a quiet German Shepherd looking for a second chance. At 9 years old, Mia is definitely over the puppy stage, and is confident in herself and what she likes! Mia’s favourite hobbies include napping, people watching, and going for relaxing walks with her owners. At first meeting, Mia…Read More →


Sonny is a handsome 3 year old male collie. Sonny is a beautiful, sweet boy, but can get stressed out and nervous in new situations Sonny is currently learning how to walk on lead, and is doing well. He is a highly food motivated boy, and will excel in training…Read More →

Dogs needing homes that are not at our rescue centre

Due to a lack of space at our kennels, the dogs listed below are with their owners who are looking to re-home them. All dogs are neutered or spayed. For more information about the following dogs or to make arrangements to see them, please fill out the adoption form, and we will forward the enquiry onto the current owner. IT IS UP TO THE OWNER TO CONTACT YOU, once we have sent on the questionnaire all responsibility to contact the applicant lies with the owner. 


The person rehoming the animal is responsible for responding to all enquiries, the home visit, and taking the animal back, should a home not work out.

Scooby and Ruby

These two are brother and sister (about 2yrs old) and came to us with various health issues, but are now super fit, and ready to find “home”. They’re great mates, but we’re also very open to rehoming them separately. Together, they are a lot of dog, so it would have…Read More →


Ivy is a 1-year-old Australian Cattle Dog / Red Heeler Ivy is a very sweet girl, but will need an experienced home. She is super intelligent, and highly trainable. Ivy would be an excellent companion for someone who enjoys hiking or dog sports like “Man trailing”. Ivy will need a…Read More →


Mac is a 4 year old Sheepdog He is very good with people Mac will need some training, but as he is from a working line of breeding, this should not be difficult   To apply for Mac, please fill out our Adoption Questionnaire – West Cork Animals

Snowy and Toby

Snowy and Toby are Maltese, bichon mixes Snowy is such a loveable dog he is 6 years old, will walk everywhere after you, loves cuddles and long walks he’s like a baby really. Gets along well with other dogs so playful. Neutered and micro chipped, Loves the attention most definitely…Read More →


Brocky is a lurcher, possibly 2 – 2.5 years old. He’s a fabulous dog. He’s mellow, obedient, extremely good natured, and he would talk to you with those beautiful eyes. Brocky is good with other dogs and sweet and affectionate with humans. If you think Brocky might be a good…Read More →


Jessy is a 6 year old Male cockapoo Jessy has all his shots up to date and is neutered He is very affectionate, had lots of energy and would be best suited to a house with adults only as he is only used to that, and would be too bouncy…Read More →


Luna is a 5 year old Staffy who is being rehomed due to a change in circumstances. Luna is a wonderful, affectionate dog who adores people and is happiest following you around the house, snuggling on the couch, playing fetch or going on long walks.   She is great with…Read More →


Holly is an 11 years old Yorkshire Terrier she does come from a loving home but due to owners ill health they can no longer take care of her she is spayed he loves the company she is OK with other dogs and she is good with children To apply…Read More →


Merle is a six year old, neutered, male, Australian Shepherd dog x border collie. He is a loving sweet boy who is eager to please and happiest when he is in the company of people. He will follow you anywhere and does not stray, his recall is excellent. He has…Read More →


Luna will be 4 in August, She is a red setter/ standard poodle cross. DOB-12/8/20 She is fully house trained, Neutered, Vaccinated/ microchipped Gets on extremely well with everyone she meets, has been raised with other dogs and children so no issues there. Very clever girl, always eager to learn.…Read More →