Dogs looking for a new home

If you would like to offer one of the following dogs a home please read through their description thoroughly and our adoption process page. To begin the process please fill in our adoption questionnaire. Adoption Questionnaire – West Cork Animals

Viewing at our rescue centre is by appointment only.


Morgan is a 9 year old Lurcher x lab. Morgan is a very happy, sweet natured and loving boy. He is a very well rounded dog, gets on well with other dogs, loves a good run around, and absolutely adores a cuddle! Morgan loves to push his head under your…Read More →


Romeo is a 6 year old small lab cross. He is full of life and loves to plod along on walks, tail always wagging. Romeo is very friendly and loves his cuddles! Romeo gets on well with other dogs and people, he is not suited to a home with very…Read More →


Ginny is three and a half year old Collie 🙂 She is a clever, agile and energetic girl. She is sweet-natured, and very loveable. Ginny loves agility and she’s very in tune with her handler. She is a cuddle bug. Ginny is tricky around traffic and cars, she barks when…Read More →


Cloud is a 14 week old female collie pup. She is a sweet girl who will make the most loving companion. She will need a home that can provide the time and consistency that she needs for training. Cloud will be a large dog when fully grown and will have…Read More →


Oscar is a 3 year old handsome Collie. He is a clever, agile, energetic and very responsive boy. He is very sweet-natured, and will make a great companion. Oscar is very playful, and loves a good cuddle!   To enquire, please fill out the questionaire linked to the website.

Bella – Reserved

Bella is a 1 year old female terrier mix. She is a sweet natured and very energetic girl who will need a home where she will be stimulated physically and mentally. Bella is very young and has had very little training so she will need an owner who has the…Read More →


Angel is an 8 year old Boxer x GSD. Angel is a very sweet natured girl and adores people. She is very inquisitive and enjoys her walks, and she is very good on lead. Angel gets on well with other dogs and is looking for a loving home with a…Read More →


Kaiser is a 5 year old beagle mix. Kaiser is a very energetic boy, who always has his nose to the ground. He loves his walks and running around with his friends. Kaiser gets on great with other dogs and adores all people, especially when given a cuddle! Kaiser is…Read More →


Storm is a 14 week old female collie pup. She is a sweet girl who will make the most loving companion. She will need a home that can provide the time and consistency that she needs for training. Storm will be a large dog when fully grown and will have…Read More →


Jill was surrendered into our care when her previous owner could not longer look after her. She had been blind for quite some time, and the decision was made to have her eyes removed as they were causing her pain. Thanks to the fantastic care she received at Faxbridge Veterinary…Read More →


Berry is a 2  to 3 year old female Collie X Shepherd. She is a nervous girl who takes time to get used to new surroundings and trust new people. Once comfortable she is a big cuddly baby who loves affection and attention. Berry will be best suited with adults…Read More →

Harper – REHOMED

Harper is a 1 year old female springer pointer mix. She is an absolute sweetheart who loves everyone and everything. Harper is full of energy and will need an experienced home with older kids or just adults who are able for her bounciness and have the time to properly stimulate…Read More →

Oscar and Ginny

Oscar and Ginny are two stunning collies who are looking for an experienced, stimulating forever home.  Ginny is three and a half years old and Oscar is approx 3 years old, they are both clever, agile, energetic and very responsive. They are both so sweet-natured, and make great companions .…Read More →


Harry came in as a very nervous stray, who had no lead training and had little contact with people. He is a large hound, very gentle and approximately 3-5 years old. Harry loves his walks, he always has his nose to the ground. He tends to keep to himself but…Read More →


Pip is a male neutered JRT approx. 3 years old. Pip is a typical Jrt, he has plenty of energy and can sometimes get a bit over excited but in a calm quiet environment is a very sweet little dog. He walks well on lead but would benefit from some…Read More →


Arrow is a young, male, small lab mix approximately 1.5 years old. He is small to medium in size. Arrow came to the rescue along with four other dogs from a hoarding situation and so had little to no socializing or handling when he arrived. He had come on leaps…Read More →


Tara is a young friendly Patterdale terrier mix approx. 2 years old. She is definitely a little live wire who loves her walks and meeting new people. Her bum never stops wagging! Unfortunately her socializing skills with other dogs is not the same as with people. Tara does not get…Read More →


Puka is a young, neutered male Collie mix approx. 2.5 years old. Puka is a very friendly, energetic and responsive dog. He is highly food and toy motivated which will be hugely beneficial to his training. Unfortunately Puka isn’t great with cars and so will need a rural environment where…Read More →


Charlie is a 1 year old hound mix. He is a very friendly boy, gets on great with people and other dogs.  He will need some more training as he is still only a pup.  He is also looking for a home with a secure garden. Charlie is so lively…Read More →

Derrie – REHOMED

Derrie is approx. 3 years old, she was found as a very nervous stray. Derrie is very sweet natured, and loves her walks. She gets on great with other dogs, and has really started to warm up to everyone in the rescue. With a little time and encouragement she will…Read More →

Dogs needing homes that are not at our rescue centre

Due to a lack of space at our kennels, the dogs listed below are with their owners who are looking to re-home them. All dogs are neutered or spayed. For more information about the following dogs or to make arrangements to see them, please fill out the adoption form, and we will forward the enquiry onto the current owner. Please note that as these animals are not in the direct care of WCAWG, the responsibility for rehoming and back up resides with the person rehoming them. The person rehoming the animal is responsible for responding to enquiries, the home visit and taking the animal back, should a home not work out.


Coco is a 5 years old German Shepard/ collie mix, she’s is neutered and microchiped . Coco is an energetic, and lively dog who loves outdoors, going for walks/runs and adores playing with toys. Coco absolutely loves water and it is a great way to wear her out. Coco can…Read More →


Mel is a 2 year old hound cross. He’s had all his vaccinations as a pup and is neutered. He has the sweetest personality and has nothing but love to give. He’s great with our two kids and other dogs. He’s incredibly affectionate and adores being with people and cohabits…Read More →


Rico is a 4 year old male GSD. Rico is a very loving boy, who is used to a family environment with older kids and he is good with other dogs. Rico is very energetic and will need plenty of exercise, he is easily entertained with his toys and loves…Read More →

Chrissy Wiggles

Hello my name is Chrissy Wiggles. I’m a beagle cross who loves food, cuddles, adventures and hoomans. I’m a bit of a wanderer though so I need a garden which is fully enclosed with a very high fence or wall. I’m good with my hoomans but can get a little…Read More →


Ozzy is 6yr old male neutered JRT x springer. He is full or energy and loves long walks and cuddles on the couch. He can get nervous around bigger dogs, he got a fright from one in the past. He will need a secure garden as he can be adventurous!…Read More →


Cruz is a 1.5 years old collie, and fully vaccinated and neutered. He is a very friendly timid dog, very good with kids, very good with other dogs. He would do well with another dog for company and a family with kids that will play with him. Cruz loves playing…Read More →


Millie is a 9/10 year old Yorkshire Terrier. Millie is a timid little dog and just wants to settle down on her owners lap. Millie is used to other dogs but finds younger more energetic dogs a bit overwhelming. She loves to snooze by the fire, and would stay there…Read More →


Duke is a gorgeous short-haired collie who was born in March 2021. He has been with his current owners since he was 12 weeks old. Duke is neutered and fully house trained.   He has had training classes, with lead training,  sit, wait, leave, heel, etc .  He is very well…Read More →


Nóinín is a ~16 months old female collie, adopted from the litter at approx 9 weeks. She is neutered. Due to a change in circumstances I now live alone and feel I can’t provide her the care and attention she requires. She has some behavioural issues that we are working on…Read More →


Shep is a Patterdale mix. He is small to medium size. Approximately 1.5 years of age. Found wandering on the 29th of December with bad facial injuries. He had to have his eye removed. Shep had no Chip or collar and was not neutered. He is now fully recovered and…Read More →


Jake is an approx 4.5 year old Rottweiler.  Through no fault of his own he is in need of a new home. He is super friendly and great with everyone. For initial enquiries please contact the rescue on 0868500131.  


Mathilda is a female collie, approx. 6yrs old. She is a sweet and happy girl and is very relaxed with both humans and other dogs. She has a really playful nature, spending half her day playing with her doggie pal (until he’s worn out) and then is very happy to…Read More →


Elda she is a mastiff she’s very friendly and very good with people and children and other dogs she’s about 10 years old and in good condition.  Please contact the rescue on 0868500131 to find out more about Elda.