Adopt a Dog


If you would like to offer one of the following dogs a home, please read through our adoption process page before proceeding. Please read thoroughly through the dogs description before applying.

The dogs at our rescue centre are with us because they have been found on the streets, or their previous homes have not worked out. Most of the dogs are well balanced, well adjusted dogs that are with us through no fault of their own and will make excellent pets for first time dog owners. A small number of dogs have issues, which with training, patience, and love, can be easily managed or resolved by owners who have previous experience with dogs, and are willing to work with us and qualified trainers and behaviourists.

We make every effort to ensure that all our dogs go to caring homes that are suited to their individual needs and temperaments. We have general requirements, however we take into consideration any potential home, and we are happy to work with and advise new owners to plan the best and safest set up for their new dog.

Below is a list of some of the things that we always look for when we rehome a dog, unless otherwise specified in the dogs description. Please make sure you fulfil the following requirements before you contact us. Our main interest is to find as suitable a home as possible for each individual dog. Our points to be taken into consideration are as follows;

  • The dog will be allowed in the house. We do NOT re-home dogs that will be outside all of the time. We prefer the dog to sleep in the house at night.
  • We never rehome dogs to guard premises or for breeding.
  • We do not home dogs to people with extremely long leaving hours without alternative arrangements e.g. dog walkers or doggie daycare. Puppies especially need lots of socialising time.
  • You have a secure fenced or walled garden so the dog cannot get out if you live on or near a road or in a town.
  • You have permission from your landlord if you live in rented accommodation.
  • You have sufficient time to give the dog adequate exercise and mental stimulation.

If you fulfil the above requirements, have a look below at the dogs and puppies needing homes. Viewing the dogs at our rescue centre is by appointment only, Monday to Saturday 11am – 3pm. You can make an appointment by email, after filling out the adoption questionnaire.



Echo is a female, 8-month-old, small lurcher X. Echo is a stunning dog and full of energy and life. Echo gets on well with other dogs, but can be a bit much so we are looking for her to home with an older, confident dog. Echo is very sweet and…Read More →


Miley is a black and white female lurcher. She is about 5 years old. Miley is a very sweet-natured girl who just adores snuggling up, she likes her daily walks but doesn’t need too much exercise. Miley has sadly spent the last few months at the pound and was due…Read More →


Dorothy is a 7-month-old Labrador spaniel mix. Dorothy is a bit more nervous than the rest of her litter, so we are looking for a quiet home for her. She came from a large litter who weren’t very well socialised, so definitely needs someone who is happy to work with…Read More →


Emma is a 5 month old little Terrier puppy Emma is the happiest little puppy, everything in her life is super exciting and fun. As a young pup,  Emma is bounding with energy and mischief. She loves to play with her squeaky toys, have zoomies around the garden, and loves…Read More →


Hannah is a fawn female saluki x lurcher. She is about 5 years old. Hannah is a very sweet-natured girl who just adores snuggling up, she likes her daily walks but doesn’t need too much exercise. She also has an old injury on her hind leg so her exercise is…Read More →


Alice is a very sweet, submissive 2 year old collie who has had a very restricted start to life.  In understanding how sheltered her life has been to date, future owners will appreciate that they will be negotiating a lot of new experiences with Alice.  Strangers, living in a home…Read More →


Bolt is a beautiful mostly white young male GSD X approx 1 year of age. Bolt is a very typical GSD and has big feelings and loves to shout about it. He is a fantastic and loyal companion, and adores all humans. Bolt is extremely intelligent and has so much…Read More →


Mika is a 3-year-old Yorkshire Terrier Mika is a typical little Yorkie, she loves to go for her little walks and spending time out and about, but nothing compares to lounging around on her cosy bed. She can be a bit wary of people, so she will need a home…Read More →


Sabrina is a approximately 8 month old Lab Spaniel mix Sabrina came from a large litter who weren’t very well socialized, and although she was extremely nervous when she first came to us, she has come on leaps and bounds. Sabrina can still find new things a little scary, so…Read More →


Beano is a 9 month old, medium-sized, border collie who is the most eager, clever little fellow you could meet. He was a bit lively for his elderly owners so the rescue stepped into find him a more suitable home.  He has now been neutered, chipped and vaccinated and is…Read More →


Alfie is a young retired racing greyhound, approx 1.5 years old. Alfie was retired young as he suffered from a racing injury, that he is now fully recovered from, thankfully, and he is even free to run off lead again now. Alfie is a tall, cuddly boy, who who is…Read More →


Lemon is a large hound about 3 years old. She is a strong girl, but very food motivated and will be easy to train. She walks well on lead and off, and has huge potential. Lemon gets on fantastically with other dogs, and is very sweet and loving. She will…Read More →


Charlie is a 2-year-old hound mix. He is a very friendly boy, and gets on great with people and other dogs.  He will need some more training as he is still quite a young dog.  He is also looking for a home with a secure garden. Charlie is so lively…Read More →


Mia is a quiet German Shepherd looking for a second chance. At 9 years old, Mia is definitely over the puppy stage, and is confident in herself and what she likes! Mia’s favourite hobbies include napping, people watching, and going for relaxing walks with her owners. At first meeting, Mia…Read More →


Spot is a 5 year old, very fluffy, male collie. Spot is an absolute sweetheart, and fiercely loyal to his owner. Spot is highly intelligent and extremely responsive, he is fantastic to walk and he always loves saying hi to other dogs! But most of all, spot adores a cuddle…Read More →


Sonny is a 3 year old male collie. Sonny came into our care extremely nervous and wary of people, he still has a long way to go, but he has come out of his shell so much in his time here, and we can’t wait to see his personality shine…Read More →

Dogs needing homes that are not at our rescue centre

Due to a lack of space at our kennels, the dogs listed below are with their owners who are looking to re-home them. All dogs are neutered or spayed. For more information about the following dogs or to make arrangements to see them, please fill out the adoption form, and we will forward the enquiry onto the current owner. IT IS UP TO THE OWNER TO CONTACT YOU, once we have sent on the questionnaire all responsibility to contact the applicant lies with the owner. 


The person rehoming the animal is responsible for responding to all enquiries, the home visit, and taking the animal back, should a home not work out.


Bruno is a three year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He has recently been neutered and is in excellent health. Bruno is an attentive, playful and obedient dog. He thrives outdoors on walks and just loves to play with his soft toys indoors. Bruno is loyal and loving and would be a fantastic addition…Read More →


This is Benny, a handsome healthy 18 month old Shepherd/Malinois cross. Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances his owner is very reluctantly looking to find a new home for him. He is a strong, intelligent and playful dog who obviously will need an experienced and active family to give his loyalty…Read More →

Erin and Aria

These two stunning girls are urgently looking for a home. They are both about two years old, very sweet, and are friendly with both humans and dogs. Erin is the scruffier one, and Aria is the smooth coated lurcher. Erin and Aria have not been tested with cats. These two…Read More →

Frankie – RESERVED

Frankie is 4 year old male pug. He is good with people,  loves walking and playing outside. Approx 4 years old. Frankie is neutered, chipped and wormed. He is a barker, but settles down with other dogs after a few minutes. To apply for Frankie please fill out our adoption…Read More →


Todd is a 13 year old male, Springer spaniel, born May 2010 Due to no fault of his own, Todd is looking for a new home. This gentleman is very loving and loyal, and still enjoys going for his short walks. He loves nothing more than going for a nice…Read More →


Tilly was handed into the pound as was found straying. She is estimated to be about 8 months old now. She is mostly white with one blue eye and deaf. She is thought to be a collie x. She’s small in stature. She loves food (she has a big appetite),…Read More →


Scooby is a 15mth old German Pointer. He’s super friendly, tactile and energetic. Anybody would love Scoob, but a happy home will be one that is as athletic as Scooby is himself. He’s good with dogs of all shapes and sizes, adores his people and will do best in a…Read More →


Hazel is a 2 years old, vaccinated, chipped, neutered scruffy lurcher. Grey/ silver in colour, 16kg in weight, soft, scruffy coat, a petite lurcher. Very good at vets, going to restaurants, beach walks, hikes, etc. She is fully house trained. She can be a little reactive when on a lead…Read More →


Petra is an 18 month old German Shepherd. Petra is looking for a new home through no fault of her own. Petra is lively, loves her walks and playing with toys. As Petra is still young, further training is needed, but she is an intelligent dog who picks up on…Read More →


Luna is a 1 year old German Shepherd, who is looking for her new home. Luna is good natured, and energetic, typical of the breed. Luna is good with other dogs, and is looking for someone to continue her training and socialization as she is still young. Luna can only…Read More →


This is Bailey she is 4 and half years old, female GSD. Over the last year we have had unfortunate health issues in the household which means Bailey is home for the majority of the day by herself. So she is very lonely and bored. Bailey is neutered, chipped and…Read More →

Mr Jimmy

Mr Jimmy is a 5 y/o German/Belgian Shephard mix who needs a new home due to the a change in circumstances . He’s a happy and loving dog who is full of energy. He loves the out doors but has spent his life as a house dog. He gets on…Read More →


Blackie is a 13 month old collie in need of a loving new home. Blackie is great around people, and is very quiet. He prefers running to walking as he has a lot of energy to get out! He has good recall and loved playing with his toys. To apply…Read More →