Dogs looking for a new home

If you would like to offer one of the following dogs a home please read our adoption process page, then contact us for more information or to arrange a visit on 086 8500131 or 086 3862714. Viewing at our rescue centre is by appointment only.


Anika is a beautiful female Beagle approx. 2 years old. She is a very energetic dog but highly food motivated which makes her pretty well behaved off lead. She will need a rural home as she has had little experience in built up areas. She was very nervous when she…Read More →


Beatrice is a lovely gentle female hound. She was found as a starving stray in an estate in Clonakilty after the bad snowfall. Kind members of the estate were feeding her and eventually gained her trust enough to catch her. She has blossomed while being at the rescue with the…Read More →


Our beautiful little Tic-tac is a mixed breed terrier type, approx. one year old. She is a sweet little live wire of a dog. She came to the rescue a little worse for wear, completely covered head to toe in ticks and had a old injury to her back legs.…Read More →


Bailey is a 4 year old Lab x. At the moment she is a little overweight but this will easily be resolved with adequate exercise and sensible feeding. Bailey is extremely high energy with an exuberant personality so will be best suited to an adult-only home that can give her…Read More →


Our lovely Jill is a teeny-tiny 6 year old collie x. She is pocket sized, only about 40 cm to the shoulder, and has a fantastic calm personality. Jill loves cuddles and being close to you but can be a little nervous initially in new situations. We are looking for…Read More →


Watson is an approx. 3-4 year old Westie. Sadly, he was a puppy farm dog so didn’t have any real handling or socialization before coming into the rescue. He has come on in leaps and bounds though and is improving every day now. Watson is great with other dogs, loves…Read More →


Wilson is an approx. 3-4 year old Westie. He has a condition known as ‘westie skin’ which will need regular medicated shampooing and a good diet. Sadly, Wilson was a puppy farm dog so didn’t have any real handling or socialization before coming into the rescue. He has come on…Read More →


Toby is an approx. 2 year old scruffy terrier mix. He is full of beans and always up for the craic! Toby has a bubbly friendly nature and is still quite puppyish in behavior. He loves to play with other dogs, is good to walk on lead, and is happy…Read More →


Lola is a 3 1/2 year old Collie cross German Shepherd. She hasn’t had a lot of training or experience. She is energetic and strong on the lead. She gets on well with other dogs although can be a bit boisterous in her play. She will need an active home…Read More →


Swayze is an approx. 2 year old Spitz breed mix. He is a happy go lucky little dog with a fab personality. He loves playing with the other dogs here at the rescue and going on nice walks – he’s a little energetic on lead at first but soon settles.…Read More →


Leia is 5 year old Spaniel x Collie. She has a fantastic sweet temperament and gets on well with other dogs, both male and female. Leia can be a little unsure when meeting new people for the first time as she didn’t have a lot of handling before coming to…Read More →


Jade is our 9 year old Springer Spaniel lady. She is a sweet girl whose hobbies include enjoying lots of cuddles, sunbathing in a cosy spot, going for nice walks, and being told how pretty she is. Jade is super to walk on lead and gets on very well with…Read More →


Dino is an approx. 1 year old Collie X. Although he hasn’t had much in the way of training so far, he is a very human-orientated, cuddly dog who will be easy to train with some yummy treats and a little patience. Dino is good off lead and loves to…Read More →


Sadie is a mix breed, medium sized female, approx. one and a half years old. She is a lovely friendly dog who is very playful and energetic with other dogs. She has bags of energy to play around all day and would make a great companion for a lively family.…Read More →


Delta is a lovely natured, female German Shepard mix, approx. 8 years old. She is a lively, happy, friendly girl who gets on great with other dogs and people. She truly loves the water and going for walks on the beach and still bounces around like a dog half her…Read More →


Jack is a 6 year old Samoyed. He is very friendly, loves his cuddles, his walks but can be strong on the lead.  He will need a home who can keep up with his regular grooming and will have time to work on his recall training.  He is very playful…Read More →


Roo is an approx. 8 month old Jack Russell Terrier. She will need a special, experienced home as she is deaf and partially blind. She would be best suited in a home with another dog to be her guide. She is very affectionate and playful towards both people and other…Read More →


Sam is a 9 month lab/hound/collie mix. He is very friendly, playful and energetic. He is very good with children. He will need a secure garden and some work on his recall as he loves to run and say hello to people and other dogs in a friendly but superabundant…Read More →


Holly is a Collie mix approx. 18 months / 2 years old. She can be quiet around new people but is very affectionate once she gets to know them. She gets on well with other dogs and can be quite playful with them. She is approx. 46cm in height. She…Read More →


Billy is a 6/7 year old Kelpie. He loves his walks, settles well on lead and will do well in a fairly active home where he will get plenty of attention. Billy will do best in a home without young children. He gets on with both male and female dogs.…Read More →


Ocean is an approx. 18 month old Hairy Lurcher. He is a lively, friendly, good natured boy with bags of energy. He gets along great with other dogs and has been around young children but unfortunately he cannot be rehomed with cats. If you would like to know more about…Read More →


Moufassa is a gentle giant, he is a older chap who loves his bed and food more than anything. He is a sweet natured, cuddly dog but unfortunately will chase and hunt cats so cannot be rehomed with them. He gets along well with other dogs and walks great on…Read More →


Lexie is an 18 month old Belgian Tervuren. She has a good personality and is great with other dogs, but is a little quirky so will need a patient owner. Lexie can be a little uncoordinated but is happiest when running around the fields here at the rescue, even better…Read More →

Josie & Joey

Josie & Joe are Jack Russell Terriers. We would like to home this older couple together as they have always lived together. They are a bit timid, especially Josie (lighter brown and white) and aren’t used to a lot of handling, but left to their own devices they will curl…Read More →


Our beautiful hound Majesty arrived to the rescue and promptly had 9 pups! She was the most outstanding mother to them and they were all rehomed but Maj is still looking for a home of her own. We adore her at the rescue, she is gentle and superb with other…Read More →


Prince is an approx. 6/7 month old greyhound puppy. He was surrendered into the rescue with a badly broken leg which needed surgery, but has come through this fantastically and is now using the leg more each day. Prince is a sweet boy who takes direction well and enjoys playing…Read More →

Dogs needing homes that are not at our rescue centre

Due to a lack of space at our kennels, the dogs listed below are either with the people who found them or with their owners who are looking to re-home them. For more information about the following dogs or to make arrangements to see them, please phone or email the contact listed against each dog. Please note that as these animals are not in the direct care of WCAWG the responsibility for rehoming and back up resides with the person rehoming them.


Buddy is 4 Years old, he is fully vaccinated and wormed and neutered. He is excellent with children, and other pets and loves cats, so much so that he will let them eat his food 🙂 He is such a playful dog and loves to run, unfortunately we no longer…Read More →


Boomer is an 8 month old Boxer x Collie. He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Typical of his breed mix, Boomer is very active and fit, loves playing with other dogs and absolutely adores children. He needs an active home with firm rules and high walls as he can jump…Read More →


Spot is a Border Collie of around 8 years old. He used to be a working sheepdog until he lost most of his sight a couple years back. Now nearly blind he likes the guidance of being walked on a lead. This hardly limits him however; raised as a working…Read More →


This is Lady, she is a spayed female Jrt approx. 6 years old. She is very energetic, loves going for walks on the lead and loves to be cuddled and rubbed. She a very healthy dog, Lady does not like other dogs and so would love to be homed with…Read More →


Kelli is a happy and vivacious little cross breed, we think she is about two. She is good with other dogs and people, loves to be at your side and completely involved in whatever you are up to on the day. She is a zazzy girl, has shown quite a…Read More →

Maybel and Dusty

Mabel & Dusty are small collie crosses, born at the end of January 2017. Mabel is 100% collie in her nature, confident, clever and always on duty. Dusty is a bit more relaxed, very calm and laid back. They are terrific dogs, very active, and very much still puppies, ideally…Read More →


Jack is looking for a new home as his current owners are now spending alot of time abroad due to work commitments. Jack is approx 8 years old and is a much loved pet, he loves his walks and would sit on your lap for the day if he would…Read More →


Suzie is a very sweet and very devoted little collie girl. We think she is between three to four years old, and she is spayed and chipped. Suzie has had several changes in her life, none of which have suited her sensitive nature, and all of which have left her…Read More →


Cairo Cairo is a dog that was born to be someone’s constant companion. He’s about five, so well passed the puppy stage, has a lovely steady nature and a relaxed outlook on life. He has come from a difficult past but has proven himself to be a well socialised and…Read More →


Bailey is a very gentle, friendly 4 year old Lurcher. Like all lurchers he is happy with just a couple of sprints a day and a comfy bed the rest of the time. Will make an obedient, gentle pet. Please contact Anita on 086 8795950 if interested in Bailey.


Axel is a 4 year old male Collie cross. He is exceptionally obedient and great with other dogs. He is looking for a new home as his owners have left the country and left him behind. This wonderful dog really deserves a great life, please contact Anita on 086 8795950…Read More →