Cats looking for a new home

If you would like to offer one of the following cats a home please read through their description and our adoption process page. To begin the process please fill in our adoption questionnaire. Adoption Questionnaire – West Cork Animals

Viewing at our rescue center is by appointment only.

Chicken and Nugget – REHOMED

Chicken and Nugget are two 16 week old sisters. They have been found abandoned in a box. Chicken had a severe injury to her leg, which ended up having to be taken off. Nugget happens to have been born with three legs only. The six legs between them are not…Read More →


Boris is a middle aged sweetheart who adores lounging on people and will happily sleep on top of someone for hours. The second you sit down Boris will be there trying to climb into your lap! He likes to have a good play during the day but most of it…Read More →

Barry & Bridget

Barry and Bridget are two kittens under 1 year of age, looking for a loving home. Barry (black and white) is much more outgoing and adores a good head rub and cuddles! Bridget is a sweet and gentle soul, much more reserved than Barry, but with time and love she…Read More →


Sally is looking for a loving safe new home. Sally is 2 years old and neutered and is looking for a quiet home away from busy roads and built up areas. She is nervous but fine when she gets to know you so a bit of work will need to…Read More →

Pudding – REHOMED

Pudding is a funny little 10 week old female kitten. Though Pudding can be a bit stand-offish at first, she adores getting her cheeks rubbed and quickly becomes your best friend! She is very playful and entertaining to watch, and has great fun jumping on her two companions! Pudding would…Read More →


These four kittens are approx 6 months old. The ginger kitten is female and the others are male. All the kittens are extremely sweet and gentle, and though some are a little more timid, they are all desperate for cuddles and playtime! They’re all becoming purring lap cats after their mad…Read More →


These stunning six kittens are looking for their forever homes. All kittens need to be homed in pairs, and will be homed on a first come, first serve basis. The kittens are approx 12 weeks old and were caught by a dedicated member of staff at approx 5 weeks of…Read More →


These stunning 5 kittens are now all looking for their forever homes, thanks to their amazing fosterer. Dobby and Bridget are far more nervous than Barry, Gary and Lars, so we would like to home them together with a more confident kitten. Barry is very friendly, and outgoing and loves…Read More →


Pasta is a 14 week old female kitten. She is a friendly well-handled little lady but may be best suited to a calm home. She does like the company of other cats so will do well as either an only cat or as a companion cat. If you can provide…Read More →

Honey & Marmalade – REHOMED

Honey and Marmalade are two male kittens, approx 10 weeks old. Though timid initially, they have a very curious nature and are keen to explore! They are both very sweet and playful, and super loving once you have gained their trust! Honey and Marmalade are looking for a rural home…Read More →

Ollie and Oreo – REHOMED

Ollie (left) is approx 10 weeks old, and Oreo (right) is approx 12 weeks old, they are two male kittens who have extremely bonded in their foster home. Despite both having a bit of a rough start to life, they are both absolute angels with so much love to give!…Read More →

Martin and Puca

Martin and Púca are two sweethearts. They have bonded extremely well in foster care and we are looking for a loving home for the both together. They will have to be indoor only cats as both are deaf. Púca is a very sweet girl around one year of age and…Read More →

Cats that are not at our rescue centre

Due to a lack of space at our kennels, the cats listed below are with their owners who are looking to re-home them. All cats are neutered or spayed. For more information about the following cats or to make arrangements to see them, please fill out the adoption form, and we will forward the enquiry onto the current owner. Please note that as these animals are not in the direct care of WCAWG, the responsibility for rehoming and back up resides with the person rehoming them. The person rehoming the cat is responsible for responding to enquiries, the home visit and taking the animal back, should a home not work out.

Luna and Bella

I was greeted by these two little ones one morning last august. Their mum is a stray which I am feeding for months. Unfortunately, I can’t keep them as I live on the side of a busy road, so their safety would be an issue. A rural setting would be…Read More →


Biff’s buddy Pascal is the beautiful black fluff ball! a rescued feral neutered Tom about 3 yrs old. He is incredibly sweet although I have never managed to pick him up yet, but he does allow me to give him a rub. He scoots around the house and is such…Read More →


Mórdubha is very handsome, young and a bit too smug! He turned up at my door a few months ago. He’s tame and very sweet…..he rubs his cheek against my hand and leans against my leg when I rub him. He’s gentle with me but is causing HAVOC with my…Read More →


Here is the story of Tabitha, She is an 11-year-old Siberian Forest Cat.  She is hypoallergenic for people with cat allergies. She is neutered, and up to date on all shots. Pretty healthy all around, eats dry and a little wet food. She is an indoor-outdoor cat, quite independent but likes to…Read More →


Through no fault of his own Biff is looking for an emergency, loving home. Biff is a rescue cat, fine strong and chunky neutured male aprox 2.5 yrs old in good health. Really wants to be loved and a house cat. Litter trained, likes to do his business outside. Great…Read More →


Leopard is a young cat who was found straying. Leopard is less than a year old, and is a friendly little thing, who is looking for a new home to call her own. She loves exploring outside, but loves to come in and cuddle by the fire. To apply for…Read More →


Our fluffy companion is looking for a new home 🐯   We are moving out of the country and will not have a stable home suitable for our dear cat for a while. So, we are looking for someone who would like to take her in and treat her like…Read More →


Fred is a bit more of a loner. He is quiet a solidary cat that likes to be pet, but will happily stay somewhere on his own. Fred only has one eye but doesn’t seem to be bothered by it.   To apply for Fred, please fill out our Adoption…Read More →


Buddy is a young male cat, he is neutered and vaccinated. Buddy is an extremely friendly and affectionate cat, he is quite active and lively so he is looking for a rural home with plenty of playtime! After a long day of running around, Bud loves to be held, cuddled…Read More →


Casper is a young gorgeous white cat with beautiful blue eyes. He has been neutered. He is very playful and  affectionate with both people and dogs. Unfortunately, he isn’t great around other cats. Casper is deaf so will need extra care and have a suitable outside space. He is better suited…Read More →