Cats that are not at our rescue centre

Due to a lack of space at our kennels, the cats listed below are with their owners who are looking to re-home them. All cats are neutered or spayed. For more information about the following cats or to make arrangements to see them, please phone or email the contact listed against each cat. Please note that as these animals are not in the direct care of WCAWG the responsibility for rehoming and back up resides with the person rehoming them.


Paulie is a friendly neutered male cat. He is 5 years old. Paulie spends his time both in and out of the house. We are very sad to have to give him up both due to a move we can no longer take care of him. Please call Olivia on…Read More →

Barn Cats Seeking Employment – Whiddy Island Trained

Environmentally Friendly Pest-Control & Helping Homeless Cats All-In-One Beautiful tabby felines from Whiddy Island are looking for a friendly, rural working environment. Aged between 2 & 3 years, they are skilled in rodent control. They are not used to being handled, but their relatives have all responded well and been…Read More →

Mihayla & Safi

Safi & Mihayla are looking for their together forever home. They are a bonded pair, adore each other and separating them is not an option. They are special needs to an extent and will need a caring and understanding guardian who’s willing to give them time to settle in. They…Read More →

Spike & Butch

Spike and Butch are 2 very friendly neutered male cats who are about 9 years old. They are yard cats so spend the night outside or in the shed. Spike (tabby) will occasionally come in for a sleep but Butch spends all his time catching various things out in the…Read More →

Tabby Family

This family of four strayed into a lady’s garden 18 months ago and she has been feeding them in the shed at the back of her garden since then. They are all tabbies and semi-friendly i.e. she can stroke them and even lift them, but they prefer to be left…Read More →