Topper was an unwanted pup who is now living in Sweden.  He even has his own Instagram page. #flyingtopper


We just adore this photo of Castiel who was Prince. A royal and regal greyhound. He had a badly broken leg as a young pup and came into the care of WCAWG, luckily for him as his life could of been very very different.


Little Toffee arrived to us along with a number of other dogs surrendered to the rescue from a hording situation. Most of the dogs were not cared for properly but Toffee was in the worst state. She had such bad matts to her coat that she could barely see and had a broken leg that had gone untreated for some time. She was immediately given a groom to make her more comfortable and her leg seen by a vet. She had an operation to fix her leg and is happily rehomed where she is loved and spoiled as she deserves.


Bluebell was a beautiful bull lurcher mix. She was taken from Mullingar pound and brought to us at the rescue. As you can see from her before picture she was a very sad girl before coming to us. She blossomed into a extremely happy girl beloved by everyone who met her. We were so delighted when she found her own loving family and now has a doggy sister to keep her company all day long.


Smudge is a beautiful Dalmation cross who went to his new home earlier this year.


Here is little Calli, second from the left with her friends. She came to us in a dreadful state, wounds on her body and very badly treated, just look at her now. Just to share a little secret she is featured in the 2019 Calendar!


Bobo now called Mr Bo is a lovely little male Pomeranian. Bo was found straying along a busy road in west cork, when a member of the public contacted the rescue to go out to pick him up it was soon evident that this little man was totally blind. How he got there is still a mystery as no one ever claimed poor Bobo. Thankfully he found a wonderful home with another optically challenged dog and an experienced owner.


Swift was a stray Lurcher found wandering the streets in horrible condition. He was mangy and skeletal and his coat was so dull. Here he is giving his best pose for the camera and just look at the shine on his coat now! Swift lives happily with his new family in Sweden.


Gunther was one of a litter of 5 hound pups handed into the rescue. Here he is celebrating his first birthday in his fabulous home in Sweden.


George was an older hound who came to us in a terrible state having been badly neglected. He was found wandering along a main road by a kind lady who then contacted the rescue. He was covered in Mange from head to toe and extremely thin. Thankfully over several months he put on weight and grew a lovely coat. He was at the rescue for 2 years and we thought he would spend the rest of his life with us but luckily for George a couple living near Kilkenny in a lovely rural area decided to adopt him. He had a wonderful home with another canine companion and horses. He settled very well into his new home and enjoyed his walk in the woods like in this photo. George lived out the remainder of his days knowing only love, happiness and a full belly, we could only wish that all the dogs at the rescue find such a great home.