Success Stories

Some of our rescue dogs and cats in their new homes



is a very handsome German Shepherd who has happily settled into his new home.


is a young male collie who has gone to a lovely home in West Cork where he is enjoying lots of walks and the company of 2 female King Charles Spaniels.

Algy & Lemmy

are two cats who initially didn’t like each other at their foster carers, but they have become firm friends and have been rehomed together in a home with a dog who they love to cuddle up to.


here, you used to know me as Molly. I’ve been with my new owner for nearly 2 months now since August and we’re getting on great. I live with Debbie, her son and another rescue dog called Reilly. He’s 2 years old and though i’m only 5 months, i love terrorising him. I’m starting to enjoy swimming – i’m a little scared of the water but i hate to see Reilly having fun without me so I’m getting better at it all the time! I love playing all day, sitting up on the windowsill to watch everything outside, eating the post that comes in every day and stealing shoes or anything left lying around, yapping happily all the time in the back garden and best of all, getting in under the shed where everything is all wet and mucky and running straight back into the house to leave my messy trail behind! i’m still tiny!!


is a very pretty kitten who went to her new home in October. Her owner says: “Thought I would show you how well our gorgeous kitten has settled in after one week! Made herself quite at home:) we have named her Holly. Very confident with our two lively dogs. She is an absolute gem”


is a pretty wiry haired terrier who has settled well in her forever home. Her owners say “Poppy is very affectionate and full of fun. We love her.”


is a stunning Dalmation who was rehomed in February 2013. He’s doing absolutely great in his new home, has lost a bunch of weight and has learnt how to walk on a lead, although he enjoys stretching his legs on a long daily run in the woods. He is pictured here playing in the garden with his sister Millie. Calvin is on the left of the photo.


is a mature hound who had been at our rescue centre for a long time with no-one showing any interest in giving her a home.
Fortunately she was seen on the web site by a lady from England whose friend has given her a wonderful home in Essex. She has been in England for almost 2 years now and her owner Denise has sent us a this latest photo of her looking a picture of health.


is an older hound who came to us in a terrible state having been badly neglected. Thankfully over several months he put on weight and grew a lovely coat. He was at the rescue for 2 years and we thought he would spend the rest of his life with us but luckily for George a couple living near Kilkenny in a lovely rural area decided to adopt him in April and he now has a wonderful home with another canine companion and horses. He has settled very well into his new home and is enjoying a walk in the woods in this photo.


is a golden retriever who was adopted 7 years ago. His owner says “Oscar is the greatest thing in my life, he is the funniest sweetest dog. He was so scared and nervous when I got him, but he was always very affectionate and gentle. Now I cannot imagine my life without him. Oscar loves walks, playing with his doggie friends, hugs and the sofa! He is my best bud and has made my life so much better, I cannot express how happy he has made me, thank you, Emer.”


is a tiny hairy golden terrier who was adopted 5 years ago as a little puppy. Her owner says “Lola is now a happy little funny looking thing who shares a home with 2 doggie brothers. She’s the smallest, but she’s definitely the boss! (she’s the small hairy one in the pic) All of our dogs are rescues, Floyd the spotty terrier is from CSPCA and Gary the black shepherd from DAWG. Just wanted to say thank you, we love her very much”


is a Burmese Mountain dog who came to us 20kgs overweight and with joint problems due to lack of exercise. He went to his new home in March, with experienced dog owners who adopted Cherie, a very challenging dog 5 years ago. Cherie was a little put out for about 3 days when Charlie arrived but then started thawing out and they get on very well now. Charlie loves the settee and has his mattress in the kitchen. He can only have gentle exercise until his joints improve and his new owners are giving him 2 small walks daily.


is a young male hound who went to a home in England in March with Ernie who is also a hound. At first Cooper would just sit on the kitchen floor while Ernie hogged the sofa. Tonight he has joined us all in the lounge on the sofa for the first time. He is still a little unsure around the home and really doesn’t like the TV. He doesn’t seem interested in the garden at the moment, although loves going walking in the woods, tail up and wagging with nose to the ground, scent marking everything he can. We are keeping him on a long lead at the moment and working on his recall. Hopefully in a couple of weeks he will be able to join Ernie off lead.


is one of a litter of unwanted collie pups who were brought into our rescue centre in July 2012. Luckily for Misty, one of our volunteers had relatives on holiday from England who fell in love with her and decided to adopt her. She has settled into her new home in Gloucestershire very well and loves playing with Daisy, who also came from Ireland. This photo of Misty(right) and Daisy (left) was taken by a professional photographer who was doing a pet photoshoot at the garden centre where their owner works.


is an adorable black lab who was adopted by Tricia and lives in Kinsale. Here she is all dressed up ready for the St Patrick’s Day parade in Kinsale.


is a Lab x Collie who went to his forever home in England in 2009. His owner says “I would like to say a big thank you for the gift of Finn. He has a beautiful nature and loves people and dogs. He and my husband go on endless walks but after 15 minutes rest and a long drink of water he is ready to go again. He is so intelligent, he knows over 35 commands and is at his happiest using his brain and eating. I have sent a couple of recent photos of Finn, so you can see the end result of what you do.”


is an adorable mature Westie. He went to his new home in Crosshaven in February and has settled in great enjoying his walks by the sea. He is looking very smart after being groomed recently.


is a Staffie who went to his new home on the Sheeps Head, West Cork in January. He has settled into his new home really well and looks very happy posing with his ball in this photo.


is a little terrier who went to his new home in January. He has settled in really quickly and is a bit of a ham. He just loves getting cuddles and get so excited when he sees people he knows that when he shakes his tail his whole backside hovers in the air. We have taken him on a few adventures to West Cork, Crosshaven and most recently Kerry. He loves long walks and lying in front of the fire. Thank you so much for letting us adopt him, he is great fun and we can’t remember what it was like without him.


went to live with Hetty (and the chicken) in Kinsale in October 2012. Tricia was writing an article in the Bandon Opinion about our rescue centre and Hetty came with Tricia to take some photos for the article and accidentally went home with a puppy! As you can see, he is very much at home and is Best Friends with Tricia’s dog, Misty, who came from us in October 2011. Tricia says “Thank you so much for all you do on behalf of animals looking for new homes – only pray they can all be as loved and as happy as Misty & Merlo”.


was brought into our rescue early January after he had been with his owner just one week because her landlord wouldnt allow dogs. Luckily for Frodo who is a lovely young pup, he was rehomed very quickly and has settled in well with his King Charles companion


went to his owners in January 2012 and his owners say “We got this lovely cat in January last year. He was called Magoo when we got him, but Puss stuck in the end! He loves the car, he will sit by the back window watching the wipers or sleep on the passenger seat. We have taken him camping and out for walks and he loves the attention, he has even been to Father Teds house! Everyone loves him and we think he is fab! Thanks!”

Sam and Millie

are two lovely terriers. Sam was rehomed five years ago and Millie went to be a companion for Sam in 2012. It would be interesting to know what’s in the sky that’s capturing there attention.


was rehomed 3 years ago, Her owner Anne Marie has sent this adorable photo of Millie looking so cute in her new coat.


is one of a litter of unwanted collie pups who were brought into our rescue centre in July. Luckily for Misty, one of our volunteers had visitors staying from England who fell in love with her and decided to adopt her. She has settled into her new home in Gloucestershire very well and loves playing with Daisy, a young collie and curling up with Reg, a mature rhodesian ridgeback x. She is seen here dressed up for her first Christmas Day after having fun helping to unwrap the presents under the tree!


is a Kerry Blue who was handed into us during the summer. He is a lovely natured dog who has settled well into his new home and is all dressed up in this photo for Christmas


is a female springer spaniel who was rehomed in July. She has settled in as if she was always part of the family. Herself and Scottie are best buds now and if they’re not playing with each other they are asleep on top of one another. She has met the whole family young and old and gets on great with everyone and every other dog she has ever met


We met Keith on Sunday 11th November at a fundraising stall at the Celtic Ross Hotel and he told us about Barney. “My wife and I were fortunate enough to welcome into our lives, a puppy, “Barney” on 15th September 2001, rehomed from you.
He brought us much joy, happiness, and indeed, excercise. The love and respect was mutual. Sadly Barney passed away after a short illness on July 27th this year. My wife passed away 6 years ago to the day, so Barney was a great source of comfort and my soul mate these past years. Barney had a great life and I am priveliged to have been a part of it.”


is a very gentle hound who came to our rescue in April with a litter of pups. The pups all found homes and Molly went to her new home in September on the Sheeps head peninsula.


is a lovely little terrier who has found a loving home and is seen here with her new pal Bryn with whom she has great fun playing all day and snoozing by the fireside at night.


is a mixed breed dog who went to a new home in Newbury, England in September.
She has settled in great and is a very happy dog who is very loved as you can see from the photo of Jessie having a relaxing tummy rub.