Lola is a 7 year old Dalmation x Collie who has always been a much-loved family pet.  She’s a gentle, affectionate lady who is terrific off the lead, very clever and extremely obedient.  Unfortunately Lola was mauled by 3 dogs a couple of years ago and since then is increasingly defensive and intolerant around other dogs.  Her family lived in an area which is really popular with dog walkers in the city and it became unmanageable for them and stressful for Lola as her behaviour around dogs spiralled.  We are giving her opportunities for calm, non-threatening time with other dogs while we have her,  but even so Lola needs a rural home where she will rarely meet dogs out and about. Ideally her future owners would have land of their own where she can be exercised.  Lola will be an excellent companion for her future owners, but be under no illusions, the dog-to-dog interaction will always need to managed carefully.  To enquire further about this otherwise soft and beautiful dog, please call Allie on 0860451855.