Cleo is a 5 year old, female German Shepherd.  She is very sweet and loves rubs and ear scratches. She LOVES playing fetch and “working” true to her breed, which for her is good walks with lots of sniffing and fetching sticks/balls or sniffing out hidden treats. Her happy place is a big sandy beach running for a ball. She is incredibly intelligent, can open doors and knows over 20 different commands. She is best with 1:1 and desires to be a loyal companion. She is okay with other dogs, but is also protective and can be a reactive if a dog comes running at her barking. She seems to love dogs that look like her the most or are similar size/intelligence.  She is not good with cats or livestock. She has been raised as mainly an indoor dog, and when she is outside she likes to be active with you- she isn’t the type to wander alone much.  She will be best suited to an active home, with no young children.  If you are interested in meeting Cleo, please call Katie on 0838567994