Ty is a small brown 3/4 Staffie Mix. Ty is neutered, microchipped and has had his vaccines. He has had a surgery in the past pertaining to his hips as it was growing in the wrong place, but as of today ty is a healthy running, jumping, non limited dog.  He is a beautiful dog, gets on very well with people, loves playing and loves attention. Ty is under socialised with other dogs has he has always been the only dog in the home so either further socializing/ training is needed or as the only dog in the home.  His owner is deeply sadden to be rehoming ty but its for his best interest as it would be wrong to keep him in the wrong environment. She recently moved house to 4th floor apartment and started new job with long hours. The apartment is not working for him as there is no garden for freedom and very limited space for him.  If you are interested in meeting Ty, please contact the rescue on 0868500131