Roses are red
Violets are blue
Spring’s looking for love
Could it be you?

Spring has been a little bit sad since Valentine‚Äôs Day because she doesn’t have a valentine – or a forever home. Could you make her dream come true and offer her love and companionship?

Spring is a tortoishell adult girl. She lived in a colony of 15 cats until her owner died. On rescue, her eye was missing and the wound untreated – now healed she makes a great pirate puss.

In foster care she stays in her room and won’t come into the main part of the house due to the house pets. She was bullied badly by the cats in the colony and is happier and more relaxed on her own. It will take understanding and patience to gain Spring’s trust – it’s well worth it, she’ll make a great companion. She loves having her head tickled and adores her foster carer.

Will you be her Valentine?

Call Kate on 085 863 7489 if you’d like to make Spring’s day.