Shy is a neutered Doberman × viszler he will be 3 on the 12th December. His owner died suddenly, since then he has been with us. He is very playful and loves squeaky toys and chasing balls, he has discovered swimming in the sea and loves it. He is a strong powerful dog and needs a bit of discipline, I use a head harness to walk him. He is great with other dogs, he likes to chase cats but wouldn’t harm them. He loves chasing birds. I’ve never seen any aggression towards any one apart from when they knock at door or walk past the house he barks like most dogs do. He is cranky when asleep and doesn’t like to be disturbed, he would be suited to a home with older children . His recall needs a bit of work but he is great off the lead in the right enviornment like the woods.
This is heartbreaking as all my animals are rescues, and I really wanted to be able to keep him but we are very stressed with our other animals and kids, he is a high maintenance dog , he would really suit a single person or a couple. Please call 0862447130 or  email for further information.