Seve is a dinky little Patterdale cross who came to WCAWG because he wasn’t mixing well with the other male dog in his previous home.  It was the right decision for him, he is a very independent soul with little interest in other dogs so he needs a home where he will be the only pet.  Seve is 6 years old and is such a curious, perky, active dog who loves his walks, we’d love an active home for him.  Up till now Seve was never allowed off the lead so he’s being trained around off lead work and recall at the moment and is doing really well. His future owners should be able to build up to off lead walks but initially he will only be onlead on walks until a definite bond has developed. Finally, a home with a secure garden is essential for Seve.  To enquire further please call Allie on 0860451855.