Scampy is approx. 6 years old. Our Scampy has been with us a while due to behavioural issues but we feel a home with an extremely experienced dog owner is out out there for him.

We are all very fond of Scampy here in the kennels as he has bags of character. He is relatively obedient and responds to commands but he does have severe hand aggression. When he knows and trusts you Scampy will accept gentle chin scratches and even rub up against your legs like a cat but anything more than this is too much for him and he will give a warning growl. He is also food possessive/aggressive and so gets fed separately to the rest of his kennel mates and is easily managed by crate training, which he loves. Scampy gets along well with most dogs and enjoys his runs around the fields here at he rescue. we are looking for a child free home for Scamp.

Many terrier and Jack Russell owners will know they all have their big personalities and idiosyncrasies and so we want to give Scampy this opportunity to find a comfy home of his own. If this does not happen he will forever have a home here at the rescue.