Russell – Reserved

Russell is 2 years of age and is a really clever, really beautiful dog. He is also a complex character due to spending his first 2 years tied on a chain. His future owners must be experienced dog owners and be committed to a settling period built on consistency and encouragement.  Once he trusts you Russell is so loyal and fun and interactive but he doesn’t like being approached by strangers and put under immediate pressure to interact. His future owners must manage introductions, giving Russell space to explore a new presence in his own time. Because of this, a home with children, or lots of comings and goings is unlikely to work. This lad really enjoys the company and stimulation provided by other dogs so a buddy in his new home would be a huge asset.  Finally, although he is looking for a rural home, ideally there should be an enclosed yard or area within the property until he has his bearings!  For further enquiries please call Allie 086 0451855 or the rescue on 0868500131.