Rocky is a  Male tri-colour, neutered collie. He is approx. 21 months old.

Rocky is currently with the lady who rescued him but the rescue is taking any enquiries. Rocky was rescued from a farm where he had been tied for the last 4/5 months with no walking or being off short chain, he was bought from another farmer and was a failed sheep dog (whatever that means).

He had little to no proper interaction or training.

Now Rocky is happy and inquisitive, he loves other dogs and just wants to play and run with them, he can however be a bit too enthusiastic at times which can intimidate smaller dogs.

He is fine with my indoor cat, takes no notice.

Have walked him past a chicken run, he didn’t take any notice of them that time.

Horse and riders on the road he barks and pulls a lot, as so far I’ve not met any while he is off lead.  He ignores them as far as I can tell in the field.

Has not taken any notice of cattle in the fields except when my neighbour is calling in his milkers then he barks and one time he went into the field but came out with my neighbour, and did no harm.

He is starting to learn commands , but his recall is not brilliant yet when there is a lot going on, but he always eventually comes back. He also needs more training on the lead but is learning.

He seems fine with kids but would recommend older kids as he can be a bit nervous at times and when excited and playing can be a bit mouthy, not that he has ever hurt me.

Loves going with me anywhere in the van, but is a bit of a car chaser, which is getting better, I make him sit when we are walking on road on lead when they go past.

Dont think he would suit a town situation.  I do think another energetic dog in the home to play with would be very good for him, a contained garden and people that are willing to take the time to train him more and can give him a lot of exercise.