Our fluffy companion is looking for a new home 🐯


We are moving out of the country and will not have a stable home suitable for our dear cat for a while. So, we are looking for someone who would like to take her in and treat her like the queen she is.


She is extremely affectionate. Around 13 years old. She has been neutered and is in good health. She loves cuddles and is a fantastic work from home companion.


She is looking for a home that doesn’t already have other cats as she doesn’t get on well with other cats. She seems ok with most big, gentle natured dogs. She happily spends time with my family Staffy.  She doesn’t get on well with small high energy dogs. She gets on very well with all humans.


We are looking for someone who is willing to take her in. Preferably in West Cork although, I’m willing to travel to bring her to you if you’re willing to commit.


She can use a litter box but also enjoys going outside in nature.  She usually doesn’t roam around too much. She enjoys chilling in sun in the garden.