Biff’s buddy Pascal is the beautiful black fluff ball! a rescued feral neutered Tom about 3 yrs old.

He is incredibly sweet although I have never managed to pick him up yet, but he does allow me to give him a rub.

He scoots around the house and is such a funny charter. They both go mousing together outside, God love us the mice don’t have a chance.

Always goes out for a wee.

I must say I would be worried about him having to go back to be feral again as he is so tamed now but needs just a little more time to feel safe. He’s nearly there. Again he has been given spot on etc so no fleas.

I can’t take any of the cats with me because I’m moving to town that would be so unfair to them.

Need help please I’m moving in 3 weeks to a main rd so can’t take him.

To apply, please contactSiadbh on si.of.relief@gmail or 0876104498