Mihayla & Safi

Safi & Mihayla are looking for their together forever home. They are a bonded pair, adore each other and separating them is not an option. They are special needs to an extent and will need a caring and understanding guardian who’s willing to give them time to settle in.

They were left without a carer for six months before I was asked to take them in May last year, and were in a terrible condition. Safi (short for Keep Me Safe), a tuxedo boy, & Mihayla (short for Help Me Heal), a tabby and white girl, were socialised but scared and wary. They were very undernourished and are, unsurprisingly very food-orientated to this day.

Safi was semi-blind as a result of a head injury. Mihayla’s chin and the end of her tail had literally no skin – just bone – her teeth were broken and some had to be removed. The vets, thankfully, were able to reconstruct her chin, but her mouth will always be a bit wonky and her tongue sticks out (rather fetchingly!). Safi recovered with time and seems to be able to see okay now.

Mihayla quickly turned into a sweetheart, gently booping and purring with affection, sitting close and quietly settling into my heart. Safi, on the other hand, did not and still does not, want to be touched. He’ll come close for food or curiosity, but he will claw the hand that feeds him – usually quite without warning – and while he’ll stay close by, he’ll run at the slightest touch.

They are very bonded to each other, but are also affectionate with my other cats and if they are not curled up together, they are often curled up with someone else.

It has taken time, but they’ve put on lots of condition and weight – in fact, Mihayla has become quite the tubster. She could do with going on a diet – but that’s not easily done in my multi-cat household. Safi’s coat is now lushly black and glows with health in the sunshine.

Mihayla and Safi are wounded souls. And while they’ve had physical problems, they have to all intents and purposes recovered and risen above them. They should live the same healthy, long lives of any other cat their age – but there is always the possibility of problems further down the line to be aware of.

Both will no doubt be scared by a move and need time to settle in to a new home. Mihayla will become an affectionate, gentle soul while her friend, Safi, is unlikely to become a lap cat any time soon, if at all.
They are around seven years old, both neutered, FIV/FeLV negative, fully vaccinated (including for FeLV), parasite treated and microchipped.

Contact Muriel, on 085 219 6229