Lily – Reserved

Lily is a very affectionate female cat, that was found as a stray after the cold days in early February. She had lost a lot of weight in a short time but has recovered very well by now. She responds to her name and comes when called. She is about 2-3 years old and the perfect house cat. She loves to sit on the sofa next to you or on your lap and is quietly purring away. She is slightly cross-eyed and seems a bit affected by it, so that a mainly indoor home would be the best solution for her. She cannot be exposed to the danger of any slightly busy road, as we are not sure, how much her eye-sight is affected. She is happy to be indoors and does not seem to be too bothered to get outside at all. If you are living away from any busy road and up for opening your heart and home for a super loving special needs kitty, she will be the best you can find. Call 0868500131.