These stunning six kittens are looking for their forever homes. All kittens need to be homed in pairs, and will be homed on a first come, first serve basis.

The kittens are approx 12 weeks old and were caught by a dedicated member of staff at approx 5 weeks of age, they have since been in foster care for extra tlc and handling and they are now ready to find their furrever homes!

The gang consists of:

Merlin – The most nervous and cautious of the bunch, but definitely the pack leader! Wherever Merlin goes, the rest follow, and he makes sure to look out for them!

Sparrow – Sparrow is the most outgoing of the pack, he is the first to say hello… and the first to cause chaos!

Robin – Robin is normally Sparrow’s sidekick, and partner in crime! He can be sneaky and quiet, but you’ll soon find him climbing where he is not supposed to!

Kite – Kite is also more nervous, and tends to be Merlin’s shadow. Kite is definitely the most poised and elegant, and always keeps herself looking tidy!

Puffin – Puffin is the numpty of the group, by far the bravest kitty, and the first to come over for cuddles and love, probably lacking some common sense though!

Sterling – Sterling is the most affectionate and confident, he loves to curl up on your lap after a couple of hours play!

The kittens are all looking for a rural, loving home, to apply for a pair, please fill out our adoption form – Adoption Questionnaire – West Cork Animals