Kirby is almost 3 years old. She is a mixed breed dog who is looking for very special owners who are wiling to continue the slow rehabilitation process that has started with WCAWG. Her difficulties are due to neglect and a complete lack of human contact for her formative years. Despite her confusion she is a gentle, tolerant dog who simply doesn’t understand the concepts of freedom or communication. She has been receiving more focused care and handling recently leading us to believe she does have the capacity to become a normal pet. Growing in courage, curiosity and confidence is going to take a long time and potential owners must be prepared for that. Kirby needs a quieter home with owners who are happy to let her slowly find her feet and gently explore her surroundings over several weeks and months. Kirby would benefit from any companion dog – playful or calm; male or female. She will need a section of the garden to be secure for her initial settling period, although once settled she will not wander or stray. Anyone who is interested taking on this project should call Allie on 086 0451855 or the rescue centre on 086 8500131 to thoroughly discuss Kirby’s needs in terms of environment and interaction.