Jasper-home pending

Jasper is a young, neutered, male semi-feral cat approx. 2 year old.

He had been being fed by someone until they moved and so is now looking for a home of his own. The previous people had said that he is affectionate and loves a rub and would come in the back door or window and would curl up on the carpet in the sitting room and go to sleep but would then want to go back outside after his nap. We have found that the rescue is a very stressful place for him and he has reverted back into himself and is very shy and reserved with everyone. He will need to be kept inside of his new environment for a few weeks until he becomes acclimatized to his new surroundings. Japser will need an understanding home without dogs would be best, where he can be allowed to come around at his own pace but will more than likely prefer to be more of an outside or barn cat.