Gigi came into our care a few months ago after being a stray. A kind lady brought her in as Gigi was struggling with a cleft palate. The vet found a bad infection and lung worm on top of that. Gigi is a fighter and overcame both and underwent surgery for the cleft palate. Everything went very well and Gigi is now ready for her forever home. An experienced and caring home is required as Gigi has special requirements due to her medical history. Although she is not on any medication all the times, she will require regular check ups at the vets and the occasional nostril flushing. She will always be a bit sniffly and that will have to be monitored and actions taken, if necessary.

Gigi does not need to be restricted to an indoor life but outdoor access should be limited. She prefers a warm comfy spot indoors from where she can watch everything that is going on in the house. She likes to be petted but also requires alone time. A household with older children would be best suited for her. She is good with other cats, recently in foster with Derry and the two are getting on great. Gigi also loves dogs, especially big ones and would not mind a canine companion.

To apply for Gigi please fill out the Adoption Questionnaire Adoption Questionnaire – West Cork Animals