Furiosa & Harvey

We have a full blooded Rottweiler (long haired) named Furiosa who was born in August 2014. She is a super happy calm dog, who gets very excited to meet people and still jumps up unfortunately. She is great with kids, other dogs, cats and chickens/ducks. She comes with a large kennel and bedding. She is microchipped and vaccinated up til 2018 and neutered.

We also have a Jack Russell of unknown age but suspect he is about 8. His name is Harvey, he is incredibly friendly and loves kids, ignores cats and ducks/chickens and utterly destroys rats if he finds them. He is also microchipped and neutered and vaxxed to 2018. He is incredibly loyal and very very affectionate, and very intelligent. He also has his own small kennel and bedding. He does chase cars though.

Furiosa has grown up with Harvey and if we can home them together, that’d be incredible to make the transition easier for them. Both live in the house with us and go out for walks with us on lead and off.

REASON FOR REHOMING:  Family are moving abroad, have tried to find a way to bring them over but unfortunately they cant afford it.  

If you are interested in Meeting Furiosa and Harvey please call 0857441798.