Edie is a 2 to 3 year old Pomeranian cross, small to medium in size. She came from a past of neglect and had developed real fear and trust issues with humans. Edie’s main progress has been in simply learning freedom and finding enjoyment in the great outdoors. She is shy with handling but very tolerant, and lead-training is ongoing but steady. Edie gains confidence from other dogs, she is at her most playful with them and can be an outrageous flirt! For these reasons we’re hoping for a home with a companion dog. Edie will initially appear to anyone who comes to view her as a shy, scared girl. However, we’ve already seen she can be a calm, happy, easy pet, she just needs owners who are prepared for patient, encouraging training at the start of her life with them. Please call Allie on 0860451855 or the rescue on 0868500131 to learn more about Edie.