Bolt is a beautiful mostly white young male GSD X approx 1 year of age. Bolt is a very typical GSD and has big feelings and loves to shout about it. He is a fantastic and loyal companion, and adores all humans. Bolt is extremely intelligent and has so much untapped potential.

Bolt does get on with other dogs and has previously lived and been kenneled with several female dogs, however he does bark at new dogs and can be very vocal on lead. We feel that in a home environment and with more one-on-one time these issues can be addressed and managed quite easily.

Due to Bolt’s breed he is a high-energy dog and will need loads of mental stimulation, such as lick mats and snuffling around in the grass!

Bolt will ideally need an experienced owner as he can be quite excitable, and will need plenty of training while he is still so young. Bolt needs a home with a secure back garden and plenty of space to run around, to apply for Bolt please fill out our adoption form – Adoption Questionnaire – West Cork Animals