Derry is a young male that was found straying for several months and was taken in after he was observed with an injury and malnourished. He settled into living in a house without any issue and he loves his grubs and treats. He is a very handsome boy around one year of age, that is friendly and gentle and not dominant. Due to him living without much human contact for months, he is still a bit unsure of trusting but he purrs and enjoys rubs. Over time, he will become more secure as he has already made massive progress in foster care. An experienced home with people, who are willing to allow him the time he needs to trust and open up would be the best choice for him. Secure access to outdoors is needed to allow him to explore once he is settled into his new home. Derry would benefit from the company of another cat.

To apply for Derry please fill out our adoption questionnaire Adoption Questionnaire – West Cork Animals