Brad Pitt

Introducing this very affectionate and gentle, handsome young fellow, Brad Pitt. Brad is most definitely a lover, not a fighter, and he purred his way into our lives and hearts about 10 months ago when he first started appearing in our garden, starving for food but also very hungry for affection and company. Brad is a very vocal cat when attempting to communicate with people and he first he made his presence known by meowing loudly while hiding in a bush. While Brad is very nervous of people at first, it became apparent very quickly to us, that he just adored company and despite his previous outdoor life he was not only eager to trust entirely, and be rubbed and cuddled but mainly just to love and be loved in return. Due to the fact we are now planning to move away from the area very shortly, and mainly because we have two very intolerant older female cats that will not accept Brad in their lives, we unfortunately are unable to take him with us. We don’t know what might happen to Brad now if he’s not given the chance of a loving home he so obviously longs for and so very much deserves. We have neutered and treated Brad for worms, ticks and fleas etc, and we have been keeping him in our conservatory porch at night time over the past few months, however, normally Brad just loves to spend his days outdoors exploring, but mainly loves to spend his his time in company getting attention. Brad is very much a lap cat always wanting to be on your lap or by your side and getting loads of rubs and affection. He has an extremely gentle nature and therefore would potentially be suited to a household with children, once familiar with them, but would be most ideally suited to someone who would love a loyal and extremely loving frie.
If you would like to give Brad a home and a chance for happiness and love, please leave a text or voice message on 0892522555 and I will get back to you. Thank you.