Boris is a middle aged sweetheart who adores lounging on people and will happily sleep on top of someone for hours. The second you sit down Boris will be there trying to climb into your lap! He likes to have a good play during the day but most of it will be spent napping and bossing humans to cuddle him.

He will need an indoor only home as he is deaf. He was found living wild so he is hugely enjoying the luxuries of the indoors! He is litter box trained and incredibly good for taking medications. (Potentially will need further/future medical care due to teca??)


Boris gets on well with dogs if they are willing to let him be the alpha. He spent some time surviving on his own so he can be territorial over occasional things with dogs, such as food. He cannot be homed with other cats. (Cannot be around any cats under any circumstances??)


He is a special teddy bear of a cat who wiggles and demands his way into everyone’s hearts. To apply for Borris, please fill out our adoption form – Adoption Questionnaire – West Cork Animals