Bodhi is a 4 1/2 yr old very handsome , very intelligent and very high energy GSD, Collie mix . He lost a front leg as a young pup but this doesn t hinder him in anyway at all , though possibly it makes him a bit insecure with other male dogs . He loves to socialise with other dogs out and about but would suit being either an only dog or having a young female companion to play with . He loves his toys and playing fetch , he has excellent recall , is a very fast learner and eager to please. He s ok with cats , great with kids and all livestock as he s grown up on a farm. He needs a lot of exercise and stimulation . He would absolutely thrive doing intelligence games , he d love agility too though some challenges would be hard with 3 legs ! He is well behaved in the home and fine to be left so long as he s had a good run . He s nervous of traffic so would best suit a rural home. If you would like to meet Bodhi please call 0868500131