Beano is a 9 month old, medium-sized, border collie who is the most eager, clever little fellow you could meet. He was a bit lively for his elderly owners so the rescue stepped into find him a more suitable home.  He has now been neutered, chipped and vaccinated and is ready for his new beginning!

Beano is exceptionally attentive to his handler, he’s terrific off the lead and never goes far without checking back in with his person.  He’s an absolute flyer around the fields, if anyone is interested in agility or flyball, this guy would be willing and receptive!

Beano is house-trained, he handles well and is quickly learning to walk nicely on the lead. Beano is not used to strangers and will bark initially when they arrive.  This is already improving as he gets exposed to more people, but it is a behaviour that should be borne in mind and worked through with gentle, positive encouragement.

In an ideal world Beano would find an active, rural home where he can spend all day following his owners around the land.  Although he is young and energetic there is no sign of bad habits –  excited nipping, herding, being overly boisterous – so he would be fine to live with children 10+.  Beano’s also lovely with other dogs and could share a home with a companion but this is not essential as he is so human-focused.

If you’re interested to know more about this beautiful, plucky, intelligent boy please contact Allie on 0860451855 or fill in our rehoming questionnaire.