Barn Cats Seeking Employment – Whiddy Island Trained

Environmentally Friendly Pest-Control & Helping Homeless Cats All-In-One

Beautiful tabby felines from Whiddy Island are looking for a friendly, rural working environment. Aged between 2 & 3 years, they are skilled in rodent control.

They are not used to being handled, but their relatives have all responded well and been rehomed as house cats, so there is also an option to socialise. They would like to be rehomed in working pairs, to have company while patrolling.

Barn cats make ideal residents for farms, horse stables and barns, or other suitable locations with outdoor shelter options. Their employer would be responsible for providing daily food and water, shelter from the elements and long-term veterinary care.

The cats will need a brief period of adjustment. Guidance and help will be provided during the relocation process. All are neutered and eartipped.

Proven mousers ready to keep your home or business pest free. These working cats are ready to work!

Contact: Muriel, 085 219 6229,