Harvey is 5 years old and is very playful and full of energy. He is in our home with younger and older children and two smaller terriers since he was 7 months old, and his previous family had young toddlers also. He plays well with children and adults alike. Harvey is strong so it takes a bit of muscle to walk him. We tried improving him on a lead but he still pulls as he was not on a lead with his first family and was used to running free with them. He loves to run in country fields and is used to a large garden where he can be with the other dogs. He also loves swimming and playing in water.
Harvey barks at cats and has not been exposed to living with them as we feel he would chase them.
Harvey is up to date on all vaccinations including kennel cough and is neutered. He has a clean bill of health with no vet visits outside of the regular check ups required. Please call the rescue if you would like to find out more about Harvey