My name is Lassie.
I’m looking for a good home without frills where I can bring some joy in return for the basics. Following are some background details given to the best of my knowledge and belief.
Aged approx 11 years, born to working parents, I think my mother was some kind of a collie. Aged about six months I was brought to my new home. I had never been in a car before, I was very excited. My new owner was a decent sort living by himself, a hill farmer with bullocks & a few sheep. I fitted in well after some basic training, the work
wasn’t strenuous and the grub was nourishing.
The neighbour’s children brought a bit of excitement into my routine when they came around. I have a “live & let live” attitude to people, animals & other forms of life. We had a neighbouring cat that I loved to chase to start with, I ended up on civil terms with him despite a clawmark I still have on my left ear.
My owner was always kind, serenading me some nights singing “Willie the Mower” at the top of his voice! But he more than compensated for that in treating me kindly. His trips to Bantry brought a bone from the butcher and I was always taken to the vet when needed, and to be neutered.
Things changed when another dog arrived – just wandered into the yard, and then settled in as if he owned the place. He’s a small terrier. As might be expected we had territorial scraps at the outset but became close buddies. Now for the sad bit. My owner died suddenly about six months ago. My buddy, the terrier was adopted by a neighbour and though I still have my home and regular food, there’s no special person in my life to share my love. I am used to living in a barn, being out and about during the day. I don’t want anything fancy, just to hear my name called and nuzzle a friendly hand. I am available for interview at short notice and can give reliable references.
My friends are helping me, they will need to do a homecheck, so if you would
like to find out more about me, contact by email to:


Shep is a Patterdale mix. He is small to medium size. Approximately 1.5 years of age. Found wandering on the 29th of December with bad facial injuries. He had to have his eye removed. Shep had no Chip or collar and was not neutered. He is now fully recovered and has also been chipped and neutered. He is a very friendly and loving dog. He would suit a home with older kids and no cats. He would need a secure garden. He seems to be good with other dogs. He is a very quiet dog and very rarely barks.  Please contact the rescue at


Puss is a seven year old male cat. He loves nothing better than lying in a sunny spot and a good head scratch! He loves to go out at night and sleep during the day. Not a rat or mouse has been spotted since he arrived and there is a confirmed sighting of him chasing a fox out of his kingdom! He prefers adult company and peace and quiet.

Puss is not at the rescue but is being rehomed by his current owners. please fill out the adoption questionnaire if you are interested in offering Puss a loving new home.

Adoption Questionnaire – West Cork Animals


Derrie is approx. 3 years old, she was found as a very nervous stray. Derrie is very sweet natured, and loves her walks. She gets on great with other dogs, and has really started to warm up to everyone in the rescue. With a little time and encouragement she will make a great companion.

Derrie will need a calm home with a very secure garden.


Adoption Questionnaire – West Cork Animals



Maisie is a female hound mix, approx 6 months old.

She has a mischievous but sweet nature and loves a sing song!

She gets on great with other dogs, and is used to a home environment.

Maisie will need a home with an enclosed garden and someone who can continue her training and socialisation as she grows.

Adoption Questionnaire – West Cork Animals


Jake is an approx 4.5 year old Rottweiler.  Through no fault of his own he is in need of a new home. He is super friendly and great with everyone. For initial enquiries please contact the rescue on 0868500131.



Nulla is a beautiful female Lurcher pup approx. 14 weeks old.

She has a beautiful nature, cheeky, playful and inquisitive. They have been reared at the rescue since they were only a few weeks old.

She is a bundle of fun energy and will make a fabulous family dog.

Nulla will need a home where loads of time and energy can be devoted to her for her training and socializing as she is so young.

A quieter rural home with loads of space would be a dream.

Adoption Questionnaire – West Cork Animals



Chanel is a 7 year old female cat.

She has always been an indoor only cat and so we are looking for a new home with a similar set up. She is a lovely mainly white lady with the most beautiful green eyes. She is very much a people cat and would prefer to be rehomed as the only pet in the home.  She loves a chat and a cuddle and is very clean.

If you would like to offer Chanel a warm bed and some company to live out the rest of her days in quiet happiness then please fill out our rehoming questionnaire below.

Adoption Questionnaire – West Cork Animals

Martin and Puca

Martin and Púca are two sweethearts. They have bonded extremely well in foster care and we are looking for a loving home for the both together. They will have to be indoor only cats as both are deaf. Púca is a very sweet girl around one year of age and Martin a quirky boy, approximately two years old. Both love to play and are very affectionate and easy to entertain. They are curious and love to be part of the family life.


Cuscous is a 4 year old male cat.

He likes the finer things in life and would need a home that would lavish comfort on him.

He is better suited to a countryside home away from any busy or built up roads as this is where he has grown up and he loves to be out and about.

Cuscous is very lovable and has a great personality.

To enquire please email the rescue at including household information and an Eircode.