Mika is a 3-year-old Yorkshire Terrier

Mika is a typical little Yorkie, she loves to go for her little walks and spending time out and about, but nothing compares to lounging around on her cosy bed.

She can be a bit wary of people, so she will need a home that has a lot of patience and experience dealing with more nervous dogs.

Mika will need an experienced home, and she cannot be homed with cats or young children

She may home well with another older, more relaxed dog.

To apply for Mika, please fill out our Adoption Questionnaire – West Cork Animals



Sabrina is a approximately 8 month old Lab Spaniel mix

Sabrina came from a large litter who weren’t very well socialized, and although she was extremely nervous when she first came to us, she has come on leaps and bounds.

Sabrina can still find new things a little scary, so she needs someone who is happy to work with her and get her used to being out and about.

Sabrina loves playing with toys, and is currently learning how to walk on lead.

Sabrina gets along well with other dogs, and would do well with having an older, more confident dog to learn from.

We feel she would be too nervous to home with children under 6.

With some time and patience she will become a lovely little companion

To apply for Sabrina, please fill in our Adoption Questionnaire – West Cork Animals


Emma is a 5 month old little Terrier puppy

Emma is the happiest little puppy, everything in her life is super exciting and fun.

As a young pup,  Emma is bounding with energy and mischief.

She loves to play with her squeaky toys, have zoomies around the garden, and loves going for little walks and adventures.

As Emma is quite young and bouncy, we feel like she might be a bit much for older dogs and very small children.

If you would like to apply for Emma, please fill in our Adoption Questionnaire – West Cork Animals


Todd is a 13 year old male, Springer spaniel, born May 2010

Due to no fault of his own, Todd is looking for a new home.

This gentleman is very loving and loyal, and still enjoys going for his short walks.

He loves nothing more than going for a nice swim,  or playing a nice game of fetch with his ball.

This older gentleman is looking for a nice and quiet life.


To apply for Todd, please fill out the Adoption Questionnaire – West Cork Animals



Alice is a very sweet, submissive 2 year old collie who has had a very restricted start to life.  In understanding how sheltered her life has been to date, future owners will appreciate that they will be negotiating a lot of new experiences with Alice.  Strangers, living in a home and travelling in a car will all be new to her, but the good news is she is exceptionally compliant and willing to please. Her favourite thing to do, once she loses her timidity, is to press herself against you and shower your hands in kisses!  Alice walks beautifully onlead and is extremely reliable off the lead – she stays right by you. Alice does not have too much experience with other dogs.  Here we walk her onlead with several others and offlead with those dogs who are super-reliable and can be trusted not to be in-her-face.  So far we have had no issues, but jealousy or possessiveness over owner and / or resources in the home could arise as she settles into a new home.  A quiet household with no dogs and no access to a road is ideally what we are hoping to find for Alice.  However, a mellow companion dog who is used to sharing their home with another dog would definitely be considered.  An owner who is happy to be adored and followed everywhere would also be a plus! Cats however, are a no-no. Given that Alice lived a lot of her life on a chain, she is surprisingly well toilet-trained and can go 9 hours overnight without any accidents, she definitely does not want to mess her area.  Alice is full of surprises, we expected a far more nervous, unhandleable dog but really she is soft and craving any kind of positive interaction from people.  If you think you can offer her the love and gentleness she deserves, please call Allie on 086 0451855 or fill out our Adoption Questionnaire – West Cork Animals.  Fingers crossed for this very deserving girl.


Tilly was handed into the pound as was found straying. She is estimated to be about 8 months old now. She is mostly white with one blue eye and deaf. She is thought to be a collie x. She’s small in stature. She loves food (she has a big appetite), playing and chewing but does not damage furniture. She’s young and inquisitive. She’s either on the move or asleep. She is a people’s dog and will follow her person everywhere. She plays well with my other dog. She does chase my cat so a house with no cats is preferable. I think she would be very suitable to be around children as she’s not aggressive but is playful. One walk a day seems to be enough but she’s not 100% on the lead as is easily distracted and always looking back to see I’m there with her. She’s good to toilet in the garden but will have the odd accident.

To apply for Tilly, please fill out the Adoption Questionnaire.


Dorothy is a 7-month-old Labrador spaniel mix. Dorothy is a bit more nervous than the rest of her litter, so we are looking for a quiet home for her. She came from a large litter who weren’t very well socialised, so definitely needs someone who is happy to work with her and get her used to being out and about. Dorothy would do well with an older, confident dog to show her the ropes, and probably would be too nervous to home with children under 6.

Dorothy loves playing fetch, and is learning how to walk on lead. She is a fun-loving girl, but needs to be given time to adjust to life or else gets overwhelmed.

To apply for Dorothy, please fill out the Adoption Questionnaire – West Cork Animals


Echo is a female, 8-month-old, small lurcher X. Echo is a stunning dog and full of energy and life. Echo gets on well with other dogs, but can be a bit much so we are looking for her to home with an older, confident dog.

Echo is very sweet and loves her people, so we think a home where someone is around most of the time will suit her. She has lived in a home before, so should easily readjust to it. No cats, or children under the age of 8 for Echo.

To apply for Echo, please fill out our Adoption Questionnaire – West Cork Animals

Erin and Aria

These two stunning girls are urgently looking for a home. They are both about two years old, very sweet, and are friendly with both humans and dogs. Erin is the scruffier one, and Aria is the smooth coated lurcher. Erin and Aria have not been tested with cats.

These two are looking for their homes either together, or separately. Please fill out our Adoption Questionnaire if you would like to welcome one or both to your home.

Adoption Questionnaire – West Cork Animals


Hazel is a 2 years old, vaccinated, chipped, neutered scruffy lurcher.

Grey/ silver in colour, 16kg in weight, soft, scruffy coat, a petite lurcher. Very good at vets, going to restaurants, beach walks, hikes, etc. She is fully house trained.

She can be a little reactive when on a lead towards other dogs but it’s now easy to get the focus back and as long as she focuses on the handler, she is perfect, this will improve with further training.

She is excellent on the lead, no pulling, just walks alongside you on the left. She has good basic obedience. Recall off lead needs more work but she won’t run away all the same.

She sleeps happily in a crate all night, no barking or whining. She is great to travel in car/ jeep. She is used to being on her own for a few hours without any hassle – not destructive, no barking. Will happily chill after her walk, enjoys cuddles.

She is not cat tested. She is too jumpy for young children.

She can get a little excited in high adrenaline situations, we have worked on this and she can come back to chill mode now easily. When we got her first, excitement would cause her to nip our clothes. Now, you can calm her withing seconds with a chest rub and a calm voice.

She gets on with many dogs, however, they are all larger, confident dogs.

Not a first time owner dog, as training is in progress still. To apply for Hazel, please fill in our adoption form – Adoption Questionnaire – West Cork Animals