Lost Dog Information

If you have lost your dog – start your search IMMEDIATELY.

Contact “Munster Lost and Found Pet Helpline” in Cork 021 4287216 or 086 2112850  Email: lostandfound@online.ie

Dog Warden

“Stray dogs may be seized by the Council’s Dog Wardens. They will be brought to the Dog Pound where they will be kept for five days. A “stray dog” is a dog which is in a public place and not accompanied by the owner or some other responsible person.” They are kept for five days, and then destroyed if not reclaimed or adopted.


Cork City Pound: 1550 200789 / 021 4515534 / 021 4515535. Located in Mahon in Cork, near Mahon Point, on the bend on the city side of B&Q. Web Site: www.cspca.ie

Cork City Dog Warden: Barry Bridgeman 021 4614909

Outside the city limits the Cork County Dog Wardens come under the County Veterinary Office which may be contacted on 021 4285404

A County Pound exists in Passage West where the Cork County dog wardens take stray dogs. To check if your dog is in the County Pound contact: 021 4285404 / 021 4285405

Garda Stations

Leave your name, phone number and a description of your dog with the Garda Stations nearest to where the dog has gone missing from and Garda Stations in surrounding areas as well. If possible post a picture of your dog in all Garda stations. Communication between shifts and other stations isn’t always reliable.

Veterinary Surgeries, Kennels & Rescue Centres

Stray dogs are sometimes taken to the vets, boarding kennels or rescue centres. Check with the golden pages for a list of the ones in your locality and ask each one you ring for the name of another (they may not all be listed in the book).

Below are some of the Rescue Centres who takes dogs and/or cats around Cork.

Dog Action Welfare Group: 086 3457488
Email: info@dogactionwelfaregroup.ie
Barbara Bowles Glanmire: 086 1280800 / 021 4821635
Animal Care Society: 021 4551781

Other things that will help

Put up posters offering a reward (don’t say how much) for the return of your pet, include a photo if at all possible. If your dog is a Heinz 57, do not attempt to describe them by breed – everyone has a different idea of what a ‘collie/pointer/setter’ looks like! – keep it simple. Place them in supermarkets, take aways, vets & doctors surgeries, parish & community boards, bus stops and anywhere that people gather.

Go to places that you regularly walked your dog. He/she may have just decided to take himself for a walk (though you should have a secure garden to prevent this – and also having your dog stolen). Visit building sites & schools. Always ask children, as they will often notice a straying dog before an adult does.

Please remember that it is the law to have a collar and an ID disc on your dog. You can actually be fined 100 euro on the spot for not having one. 60% of the dogs which are taken in by shelters are strays and because they have no ID they have little or no chance of being reunited with their owners.

If you think your dog may have been stolen it is important to widen the search outside your county as dogs can be moved around the country very quickly. Irish Animals has a web site with a lost and found section that is country wide. You can post details and a photo of your dog on the website. www.irishanimals.ie

The ISPCA has a very comprehensive list of lost and found dogs on their web site. www.ispca.ie

Freed Ads can be placed in The Evening Echo: 021 4274000  Email: freeads@eecho.ie

If you are lucky and find your dog please remember to take the notices down, inform and thank those who helped in the search.

Information on this page is courtesy of IrishAnimals.ie/LostandFound.ie